NixCon 2017



When we started discussing about the registration for this conference a couple of month ago, a few things came to our mind:

  • - We have a limited number of seats, but we would like to make sure, that people who make significant contributions to NixOS have a fair chance to get one
  • - We don't want to be the gatekeepers who alone decide who should take part in the conference if there are not enough spots
  • - Given the limited man power we have in the orga team, it shouldn't require an extended reviewing process

How it works

1. Registration is free

2. Registration will be opened in batches

We will open it in batches of 25 every week for the top 150 contributors of NixOS. Public registration will be opened if spots are still available after this period. Find the list of contributors here, this list was requested from the GitHub API at July, 29.

In detail this means:

  • - Weekend July 29./30.: Top 25
  • - Weekend August 5./6.: Top 50
  • - Weekend August 12./13.: Top 75
  • - Weekend August 19./20.: Top 100
  • - Weekend August 26./27.: Top 125
  • - Weekend September 2./3.: Top 150
  • - Weekend September 9./10.: Public Registration

You can find a list of all participants here

3. Some people can invite other people

The top 50 contributors can invite 2 additional persons, the 51.-100. contributor can invite one additional person.

If you cannot attend please unregister via this site.

If you have any question ask us: